b'We recognize those who have made known, or have realized, an intention to leave a permanent gift to our community through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.Jacqueline and William Crosby Elizabeth and David FriedmanGay and Phil Daneman Janelle FriedmanLyra B. and Edwin R. Daniels Elizabeth and Marvin FriedmanMarilynne J. Darrow Rosabelle Gartner Friedman andLauren and Stephen Davidoff, M.D. Harry H. FriedmanTina and Mark Davidoff Shelby FriedmanLeo Morris Davis Funk Family Endowment FundLori Wintroub Doherty Byrna and Joe FunkAnn and Martin Donald Michelle and Marshall FunkFrances and Ervin Donsky Janis and Dan GailEvelyn Dritch Mary and James GalletaKellilyn and Andy Dropkin Carl GansMark Drucker Ida Rose GaronzikKay and Laurence Eason Dorothy GarssonMarna and Roy Edenson Lisa and David GenecovSusan and William Ehrlich Liz and Jeff GerberFrances and David Eisenberg Annette GershWm. and Dora Eliassof Charitable Unitrust Cathy and Howard GilbergMacki and Paul Ellenbogen Frank GilfordMichael and Linda Ellentuck Rozelle and Richard GilmanJerry Ely Florence Karelitz GinsburgDora and Yosef Entner Lawrence D. GinsburgLouise Epstein and John Henry McDonald Miriam GlatzerSylvia and BillEpstein, M.D. Barbara and Larry GlazerJeanneand Sanford TexFagadau Stevie GlazerEthel Melnick Farris Ruth Friedman Goldberg andMariam Shpeen Feist Arthur S. GoldbergMax Finkel Alice and Barney GoldbergSandra and Steven Finkelman Kari and David GoldbergEdna Flaxman Sherry and Kenny GoldbergLisa and Randy Fleisher Ollie GoldfarbAaron and Pearl Forman Trust/Doris Pryzant Kerri and David GoldfarbSherrie and Robert Frachtman Terry and Alan GoldfarbEmma Sue and Jerome Frank Harriet GoldingHelen and Jerome Frank, Jr. Candy and David GoldsteinBertie and Selig Frank Jack GoldsteinAnna M. Freed Lynn and Sharan GoldsteinAngela Horowitz French Susan J. GoldsteinLynn and Gil Friedlander Barbara and Harvey GollmanSYMBOL KEYOf Blessed Memory31'