b'BEQUEST & ENDOWMENT CHARITABLE LEGACIESSelma and I. Benjamin Parrill Helen Hoodin Roseman EndowmentElsie and Dr. Stanley C. Pearle Caroline RosenbaumPat Peiser Glen A. RosenbaumOriAnn and Judson Phillips Jo Ann and Everett RosenbergSandy Phillips Ann and Marcus RosenbergRuth W. and Arnold Pian Ruthy and Steven RosenbergHarry Ploss Natalie and Lawrence RosenbloomVivian Ginsburg Polka Lisa and Phillip RosenfeldEsther and Gary Polland Maryanne and Joseph RosensteinCheryl Pollman Katty and Julio RosenstockLeah and Harold Pollman Eva and Ben H. Rosenthal, Sr.Hannah Kay and Harlan Pollock Suellen and A. J. RosmarinHortense and Lawrence Pollock Beverly and Cary RosselMasha R. Porte Debbi K. Levy and Barry A. RothschildPaula and Irving Pozmantier Mary RothschildMyra and Stuart Prescott Miriam and Joseph RothschildStephanie and Daniel J. Prescott Shirley and Erven RovinskyPhyllis Putter Bertha and Sydney J. RubensteinShirley Leventhal and George Quint Rita and Marvin RubensteinBarbara and Stan Rabin Ann and Howard RubinSam Rachofsky Shirley and Jarrell RubinettIrene and Buddy Raden Dafna and Neil RubinsteinJeffrey Rasansky Cary RudbergJill Rasansky Rebecca and Jay RudbergLillian and Harry Ray Constance L. RudickNatalie and Maury Ray Lisa and Steven RudnerSylvan Ray Joe RuttenbergHedy and Fred Reisberg Ike and Fanny Sablosky Foundation Jack Repp Dr. Arlene Sachs, Ph.D.Florence and Joseph Richman Martin SamuelsohnHelen and Frank Risch Hymie SamuelsonNancy and Joel Roffman Arlene and Alan SandgartenTerri and Richard Rohan Hortense SangerPaula M. Romberg Esther and Jacques SardasTerry and Bert Romberg Fannie and Bernard SchaenenAnita S. Roos Marilyn and Donald SchafferAnna and Armand Roos Maury SchermannMarie Jacqueline Rose Ruth and Mickey SchimmelRichard Joseph Rose Cristie and Rodney SchlosserWe apologize if any names were inadvertently omitted or listed incorrectly. Please let us know ofany changes by emailing honor@jewishdallas.org so we can make immediate corrections for future listings.34'