b'BEQUEST & ENDOWMENT CHARITABLE LEGACIESCarol and Steve Aaron Phyllis BernsteinLeon Schaeffer Aaron Seymour BernsteinMartin Ackermann Howard W. BhymerCarol and David Agronin Zelda and Harold BiernerIda Alexander Blechman Morenoff Foundation Rosalie and James Alexander Sylvia BloomLori and Joel Alhadef Dayle and Meyer BodoffMona and Artie Allen Ann and Alan BogdanowStuart Altman Sheryl Fields BogenDebbie and Marc Andres Dorothy Klein Boris and Harry BorisFannie and Milton Angrist Charles Alexander BoschettiRobert Atha, Jr. Marital Trust Hannah BrahinskyMartin Auerbach Brenda and J. Stuart BrandLiat Avivi Ilene BrillSylvan T. Baer Harris BrinMarcus Baerwald Milton BrinDora Ballas Mary Lee and Michael BroderMaloree and Robert Banks Henri L. Bromberg, Jr.Elena and Ira S. Barash Naomi and Irving BrooksBen Barnett Rosalie BudnoffThe Mitchell L. and Hazel M. and Jerome L. ByersMiriam Lewis Barnett Family Barbara Kay Levy CalickStacy Barnett Florence CandyJudith H. Barton Elaine CaplanEstelle and Sol Barzune Robyn CarafiolKatherine Bauer Susie and Joel CarpJanet and Jeffrey Beck Sheila and Jeff ChapmanSusan and Daryl Beck Bruce ChemelHarriet and Bernard Becker Yolanda ClarkJoan Alaine Becker Dorothy CoerverLouise and Jack Bell Barbi and Scott CohenDiane Wernick Benjamin and Carol Gene and Howard CohenJerome E. Benjamin Joan Krouse CohenCharlotte and Harry Benson Norman Rawson CohenPauline M. and Israel R. Berger Sandy H. and Ronald E. CohenRoberta and Rabbi Murray Berger Belle and Tex ColeHoward Martin Berman Rusty and Liz CooperIrvin BermanAubrey M. CostaCindy and Bruce Bernbaum Gerry and Charles CristolWe apologize if any names were inadvertently omitted or listed incorrectly. Please let us know ofany changes by emailing honor@jewishdallas.org so we can make immediate corrections for future listings.30'