b'We recognize those who have made known, or have realized, an intention to leave a permanent gift to our community through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.Patricia and Howard Kraines Michelle and Mark MeichesFlorence and Lawrence Kramer Charles W. MerrittLynn and Lenny Krasnow Morton H. MeyersonCarol and Mark Kreditor Lee and Paul MichaelsBen W. Kuhn Lowell MichelsonNina J. Kutchuk Myra and Phil MigicovskyRichard Allan Kutner Bette and Bennett MillerEammon Lacey Julie and Scott MillerHanna and Raymond Lambert Val and Ursula Millers Memorial Fund Minette and Calmon Landa Barbara Mintz Sisterhood EndowmentAnne and Ted Leiman Sol MinzerSophie Leiser Jesse MirmelsteinPearlie and Julius Leshin Gail and Roland MizrahiSharon and Chuck Levin Sidney and Ione MoranAnn and Nate Levine Earl MorchowerDoris and Sol Levine Carol and Stuart MorseIda and Morris Levine Franci and Bob MosesShirley Levinson Ben MosesmanHilmaand Walter Levy Marvin MossMeyer Levy Francis S. and Jacob MossikerSusan and Arnold Levy Sarah and Murray MunvesDorothy and Ben Lewis Janis Levine MusicFae Turner Lewis George M. MyerJack Lewis Sidney I. and H. Richard MyersLiz and Robert Liener Harry NaborneyAlbert E. Lissberger Meryl and Scott NasonJay Lorch Bess NathanJulie and Michael Lowenberg Minnie NaviasFerdinand R. Lowenthal Janet and Morris P. NewbergerNancy and Edward Lowey Hunter NibertJoy and Ron Mankoff Ann and Michael OchsteinIrving Manney William OglesbyStanley and Linda Marcus Frances OlsanCharitable Remainder Trust Henry OppenheimerAnn and Fred Margolin Laurel (Layla) OrnishIrving Marks Mahra F. and Kevin M. PailetGerda Vogel Marx Marilyn Donsky Pailet and Harrell PailetDan S. Mayers Mrs. Sam Papert, Jr.Arlene and Lawrence Maze Judy and Kenneth ParkerSYMBOL KEYOf Blessed Memory33'