b'We recognize those who have made known, or have realized, an intention to leave a permanent gift to our community through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.Celia and Larry Schoenbrun Phyllis and Ron SteinhartAndrew Schultz Jill and Gary StolbachLeslie and Howard Schultz Janet Cecile and Louis StoneNicole Schultz Norma and Don StoneHilde and William Schwartz Gail and Gary SwartzJason Schwartz Cindy Sweet MoskowitzSuzy and Jim Schwartz Janice and Arnold SweetLaura and Jeff Seymour Samantha Lauren SweetDavid B. Shalom Cherry and Harvey SwentoLee Shefrin Helen and Joseph SwiffLorraine and Sidney Shein Nita Mae and Samuel TannebaumHeather and Joel Shickman Joanne and Charles TeichmanRuthie and Alan Shor Ruth TeitelbaumHerb Shore Charitable Remainder Trust Temple Shalom Endowment FundFredell and Allan Shulkin Sue TilisZev Shulkin Marian and Julius TillsLisa and Charles Siegel Peggy TobolowskyEvelyn and Bennie Sigman Sam TobolowskyKaylen and Carol Silverberg Gina and Alan TolmasIra W. Silverman Poldi Johanna ToninJeanne and Martin Sirkin Mr. and Mrs. Max Edward TonkonCheryl L. and Neal C. Small, M.D. Sam ToppermanMinnie and John Smith Peggy and Victor TrubittPhilip Smith Richard TrubittWilliam Soltes Israel Elihu TuckerIrene Sommer Corinne F. TycherLouis C. Sonnentheil Ellen and Josh UngermanDebbie and Ralph Sorrentino Sandra and David VeederPaul Stanley Miriam and Max VernonRenee Stanley, Ph.D. Sheri and Jack VineWendy and Marc Stanley Irene H. WadelLynn and A. Jay Staub Bernice and Herman WaldmanEdith and Herbert Stehberg Jackie and Stephen WaldmanLillian and Morris Stein Maxine P. and Erwin I. WaldmanMichelle Tycher Stein Natalie and Michael WaldmanDella and Sam G. Steinberg Ruth and Herman WaldmanKarla and Larry Steinberg Tina and Richard WassermanLinda Steinberg Ernestine J. Wayne Martha and Emil Steiner The Wayne Family FoundationSYMBOL KEYOf Blessed Memory35'