b'WHERE YOUR DOLLARS GOCommunity Buildingand EngagementDonor-Designated$340,055Giving$471,799 5% Human andSecurity 7% Social Services$489,389 $1,835,604 7% 25%Jewish Life, ALLOCATIONS*Learning, and Identity 11% $7,224,436 $829,244including Program Department and Donor Designated 21% 24%Israel and OverseasJewish Education $1,763,723 $1,494,622 IMPACT AREASJewish Education AMOUNT % OF TOTALHuman and Social ServicesSecurity$1,835,604 25%Israel and OverseasCommunity Building and Engagement 24% $1,763,723Jewish EducationJewish Life, Learning, and Identity 21% $1,494,622 Jewish Life, Learning, and IdentityHuman and Social Services$829,244 11%SecurityIsrael and the Global Jewish Community 7% $489,389Donor-Designated GivingDonor-Designated Giving$471,799 7% Community Building and Engagement $340,055 5%ALLOCATIONS including Program Department and Donor Designated$7,224,436 100%* Includes unrestricted operational funding, Impact Grants, program departments and donor designated funds.'